21 septiembre 2007

Looming Demolition of Centre Artisanal?

fuente: http://www.team10online.org/

Looming Demolition of Centre Artisanal? The 1962 Centre Artisanal in Sèvres, designed by the office of Candilis Josic Woods, is under threat of demolition. The project is an early example of French structuralism and what Alison Smithson called 'mat-building'. The arts building with studio spaces is a precursor to the more famous projects for the city centre of Frankfurt am Main and the Berlin Free University, which was realized in the early 1970s.Pierre Lagard, architect in Sèvres has started an action to prevent demolition. Alexis Josic is involved, too, and willing to advise on a possible restructuring of the project. After all, Candilis Josic Woods designed the building in such an elementary way to facilitate re-appropriation by future users. To help save the building from demolition, please sign up with Pierre Lagard.For more information check the website Désirs d'avenir.

Tom Avermaete who published his dissertation on the work of Candilis Josic Woods, 'Another Modern', described the project as follows:'The project for Sèvres encompassed the design of workshops and studios for about twenty artists from different disciplines. The point of departure was a grid folded according to the form and exigencies of the site. On this grid a vocabulary of concrete columns, beams and infill panels generated a rudimentary building mass of three floors. (...)Candilis, Josic and Woods deliberately kept the spatial definitions of the concrete building mass to a minimum. Only vertical circulation and sanitary cores punctuate the concrete landscape. This minimally defined structure, consisting of rough concrete spaces of various size and character, was thought to invite appropriation and re-appropriation. Moreover, the partnership believed that this conception of the urban tissue as a minimal and pre-given structural landscape could accommodate varying and different functions throughout time and thus secure the projects sustainability.'

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