07 noviembre 2007

Apolonija šušteršič

Prototype For Self Employed Economic Unit was developed as a support structure in creating a new job in the Warendorf region.

The structure was composed from:

1.1. Sculpture/street shop box placed into the local market

1.2. Productive land

1.3. Conceptual plan for the development of the unit

The idea was to create a very simple economic unit for one or more unemployed women from the Warendorf area. The new business proposal was based on the use of the land and sale of the products produced from the land at the market.The unit was composed from a piece of land and a street shop box placed into the street market; The Land as a primary element of every economy, the most basic production space, and A Street Shop Box, which defines the border between the consumer and the product.The unit was planned to employ at least one person, unemployed, woman, in her fifties (it is known that this age group has most difficulties in finding a job). She would take care of the land, production and sale of the product. The profit from the sale would be hers. The initial idea was to develop an economic unit based on the production of herbs, to develop a herb garden with fresh herbs and spices, which could be sold fresh and dry at the market in a Street Shop Box. Herbs are a very viable product with a big range of uses in the domestic environment, as well as industry: pharmaceutical (for medicines and cosmetic), food, leisure, education, tourism, etc. The Warendorf region is very fertile with beautiful and workable land, therefore it was decided that the use of it should be nature friendly and of benefit to all inhabitants.

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